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Resources to Help you Celebrate

White Papers and Samples

White Paper: Why Do I Need a Compliance Plan?
How to Convince your CEO Need a Compliance Plan (funny Youtube video)
White Paper: Why Should I Celebrate?
10 Easy Steps to Participate
Sample Press Release  – Use this sample press release to announce that your company is celebrating Healthcare Compliance & Ethics Week.
Sample emails to send your staff – tips on Compliance, how to announce your daily activities
Sample newsletter to send your staff– customize to announce your participation in CCEW and share information about your Compliance & Ethics plan
How to use the AOPA Co-OP– a  resource for coding, compliance, etc.
Mastering Medicare: Essential Coding & Billing Techniques Seminar, November 6-7 in Phoenix, AZ

Compliance Corner Articles, as published in the O&P Almanac – Earn 2 CEs with Each Passing Quiz

HIPAA Tips – April 2017 (Take the quiz)
Crafting your Compliance Plan – January 2017 (Take the quiz)
Dissecting the Standards – October 2016 (Take the quiz)
Physician Standards – July 2016 (Take the quiz)
Coding Guidelines – April 2016 (Take the quiz)
HIPAA Breach Etiquette – January 2016 (Take the quiz)
Gifting Guidelines – October 2015 (Take the quiz)
Writing Valid ABNs – July 2015 (Take the quiz)


November 8, 1:00 PM EST
Presented by AOPA
$99 members/$199 non-members

•When gifts to referral sources are acceptable
•When gifts to patients are acceptable
•Federal Anti-Kickback Regulations
•Tips for creating a complaint gift giving policy
November 9, 1:00 PM EST
Hosted by the Health Care Compliance Association
FREE for AOPA members/ $50 non-members

•Assess and identify how Compliance, Legal, and HR play critical roles in several key elements of a compliance program to include those related to policies and procedures, auditing and monitoring, response and investigation, and enforcement
• Identify and learn how to align the strengths and weaknesses of these three areas so as to optimize their overall, collective contributions to the development of a compliance program.
• Identify risks to mitigate the potential of sub optimization in the level of collaboration among Compliance, Legal, and HR given their respective duties that support an effective compliance program
November 10, 1:00 PM EST
Presented by Nina Bondre, MPO and John Brinkmann, CPO, FAAOP
FREE for AOPA members/ $50 non-members

•The need for a conscious approach to ethical decision making
•The importance of reflective practice, a purposeful approach, a high trust level, and teachable moments
•The importance of real-time feedback on what went well, what could have gone better, and the rationale for a particular decision
•The value of explicit guidance in the form of company policies