AOPA Announces 2015 RFP’s

AOPA has prepared RFPs inviting research proposals in multiple areas. Grants range in size from up to $15,000 to up to $60,000 and possibly higher amounts.  Subject areas will include:

Comparative Effectiveness Studies. (Jointly Funded – $ Open)

  • Prosthetic Feet, emphasis on lower function
  • Cranial Remolding
  • OTS vs Custom Fit and Custom Made AFO’s

Systematic Reviews (up to $60k each)

  • Cost Efficacy for TT Interventions
  • Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.
  • Alternate assessment tools or category systems – candidacy for prosthetic technology.
  • Partial Foot in the Diabetic Population, is TTA a better and more viable option?

Small Pilot Grant Topics ( a maximum of four can be funded up to $15k each)

  • Microprocessor Knee – Stumble Recovery Benefit for Non-Variable Cadence Ambulators, and Does   Restricted Access for K-1 and K-2 to Hydraulic Controls Adversely Impact Patient Safety?
  • TLSO/LSO: Utilization and comparative effectiveness of TLSO/LSO. Pre and post operative use.
    Efficacy of custom vs OTS relating to clinical outcome, analyses of providers credential.
  • Socket Interface: Methods for Measuring Proper Socket Fit and Alignment.
  • Vacuum-Assisted Socket Suspension Systems
  • AFO/KAFO: Utilization and comparative effectiveness of custom vs OTS AFOs and KAFOs. Investigation and analyses of patients who receive custom orthosis subsequent to OTS AFO fitting.
  • L0631 bracing—Performance and Outcomes Data That Differentiate Patient Results from What Could be Achieved with an OTS Orthosis that is Provided without any Fitting, Trimming or Clinical Care?
  • Quality of Life, Wellness, Patient Satisfaction and/or Outcomes Studies of Patients Who Have Received O&P Care vs. Those Who Have Not.
  • Outcomes Measures, Evaluation and Quality of Life Metrics Related to Orthotic Management (Note: Submissions Should be Pathology and/or Condition Related,.e.g. Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Polio, OA)
  • Open Topics – Beyond the Above Priorities, Top Quality Clinical O&P Research Topics Considered.


For details and complete RFP’s go to

Submission deadlines range from April 1, 2015 (larger grants) to April 30, 2015 (small pilot grants)