Round 2021 Timeline

Competitive Bidding Round 2021 Timeline

March 7, 2019

  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) begins pre-bidding supplier awareness program

May 7, 2019

  • CMS announces dates for registration and bidding
  • CMS begins bidder education program

June 10, 2019*

  • Bidder registration period to obtain user IDs and passwords for the DMEPOS Bidding System (DBidS) and Connexion (the program’s secure documentation portal).

July 16, 2019*

  • The bidding window opens and will be open for 60 days

August 16, 2019*

  • DBidS registration closes
  • Connexion registration remains open

August 18, 2019*

  • Covered document review date for bidders to upload all required financial documents into Connexion

September 18, 2019*

  • Bidding window closes

Fall 2019*

  • Receive Preliminary Bid Evaluation (PBE) notifications
    • Will inform the bidder whether its bid(s) is eligible for further evaluation and if any enrollment requirements could not be verified by CMS as being met by the close of the bid window.
    • Provide instructions describing how the bidder should verify that it met the enrollment requirements by the close of the bid window.
    • Bidders will have the opportunity to address any unmet requirements, by the close of the bid window

Summer 2020*

  • Single pricing amounts (SPA) announced
  • CMS begins contracting process

Fall 2020*

  • CMS announces contract suppliers

January 1, 2021*

  • Start of Round 2021 contracts and prices


*These are tentative/target dates and are subject to change by CMS