2017 Webinar recordings

2017 Monthly Webinars

January 11O&P Clinical Documentation: Who Needs to Document and What You Need to Document
•Learn who is responsible for documentation
•Learn the detailed requirements for your documentation
•Learn how to avoid common documentation mistakes
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February 8LSO/TLSO Policy
• Review which LSOs and TLSOs require PDAC approval
• Review when to use the CG modifier
• Review hospital/SNF billing for LSOs and TLSOs
• Review what type of documentation and ICD-10 codes required for coverage
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March 8Marketing Your Business
• Making your business stand out
• Using your strengths to your advantage
• How patient relationships may increase your referral opportunities
• The value of both networking and marketing to your O&P practice
• Knowing how to reach out to the right people
• Building and maintaining relationships with referral sources
• The importance of brand recognition in O&P
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April 12Grassroots Advocacy
Learn what you need to know to get started in grassroots advocacy from AOPA's Ashlie White, MA. Ms. White spent 8 years as Director of Government Affairs at NCOPTA, and 4 years on the Board of Directors at NAAOP while working as the Director of Operations for Beacon O&P.
• How to effectively lobby for fair treatment of O&P on the local and national level
• How to work with patients to help them become advocates for their own cause
• How to effectively communicate with representatives in Washington, DC and in your office
• How to act locally to change things nationally
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May 10Modifiers: What Do They Mean and When to Use Them
• What is the difference between the RA & RB modifier?
• Which modifier allows you to provide services to a patient under hospice care?
• What is the true meaning of the KX modifier?
• What modifiers are used for upgraded & deluxe features?
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June 14Internal Audits: The Why and the How of Conducting Self-Audits
How to create an in-house or self audit
• Where to start when building a self-audit?
• How often should you do self audits?
• What can self-audits tell you about your business?
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July 12Know Your Resources: Where to Look to Find the Answers
• Learn how to navigate the CMS website
• What information can be found on the PDAC website
• What information can be found on your DMA MAC websites
• Which Medicare Manuals apply to O&P
• Where do I go to found out about appeals?
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August 9What the Medicare Audit Data Tells Us & How to Avoid Common Errors
• What claims & services being denied?
• Why are they being denied?
• What I can fix, so my claims will not be denied
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September 13ABC Inspections & Accreditation
• What to expect during and after a site visit
• Which Quality Standards apply to O&P?
• What can I do to get ready for accreditation?
• Answers to common accreditation myths and questions
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October 11AFO/KAFO Policy
• What documentation must exist in order to use the KX modifier on your claim
• What are the coverage rules for AFOs with ambulatory vs. non-ambulatory patient
• How to bill for repairs to AFO's and KAFO's
• When is it okay to use a custom fabricated AFO/KAFO
• Basic review of the major component of a Medicare medical policy
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November 8Gift Giving: Show Your Thanks & Remain Compliant
• When gifts to referral sources are acceptable
• When gifts to patients are acceptable
• Federal Anti-Kickback Regulations
• Tips for creating a complaint gift giving policy
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November 9Special Healthcare Compliance & Ethics Week Webinar

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"Three Amigos" of a Compliance Program— Compliance Officer, Legal, and Human Resources—Can Work Together to Support and Advance an Effective Compliance Program
• Assess and identify how Compliance, Legal, and HR play critical roles in several key elements of a compliance program to include those related to policies and procedures, auditing and monitoring, response and investigation, and enforcement
• Identify and learn how to align the strengths and weaknesses of these three areas so as to optimize their overall, collective contributions to the development of a compliance program.
• Identify risks to mitigate the potential of sub optimization in the level of collaboration among Compliance, Legal, and HR given their respective duties that support an effective compliance program
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November 10Special Healthcare Compliance & Ethics Week Webinar

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Teaching Professionalism and Ethics during Residency
•The need for a conscious approach to ethical decision making
•The importance of reflective practice, a purposeful approach, a high trust level, and teachable moments
•The importance of real-time feedback on what went well, what could have gone better, and the rationale for a particular decision
•The value of explicit guidance in the form of company policies
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December 13New Codes & Other Updates for 2018
• Learn about new HCPCS codes effective January 1, 2018.
• Discuss verbiage changes to existing codes and how they may affect your business.
• Find out which codes will no longer be used as of January 1, 2017.
• Find out AOPA's interpretation of why the changes took place.
• Look at any other pertinent policy/legislative changes your facility should be aware of in order to succeed in 2015.
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