OPC Benchmarking Survey

How does your O&P Patient Care Facility Measure Up?

Are you considering selling your O&P business and need to maximize its value?

Do you want to own or manage a financially successful O&P business that aspires to grow?

Improve the profitability of your business by participating in AOPA’s Annual Operating Performance Benchmarking Survey and the Bi-annual Compensation and Benefits survey. It’s the largest O&P benchmarking survey in the O&P field.

Survey participation is free for AOPA patient care facility members. And it is confidential.

  • Identify where your O&P facility needs to improve.
  • Understand how your company’s financial performance compares with similar sized companies in comparable markets.
  • Make informed business decisions based on your company’s financial data.

You can complete the 2022 Survey online at www.AOPA-survey.com. The online form has “save and return” capabilities which allows you to complete the survey in multiple sittings. You can also mail or fax the completed survey.  If you are short on time, you or your accountant can also submit your balance sheet and P&L directly to Industry Insights whose professionals will enter the data for you.

As always, you will have free access to the best O&P management data available by completing and returning the survey no later than May 1, 2022. As a bonus, each participant will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

If you have questions, contact Sophia Rizzi of Industry Insights at 380.215.1115 or srizzi@industryinsights.com.

Survey participants receive a free Company Performance Report and the final published survey report. Nonparticipants can purchase copies of previously published reports in AOPA’s bookstore. For more information contact AOPA at 571-431-0876.