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Join AOPA experts for the most up-to-date information on a specific topic. These one- hour Webinars are held the second Wednesday of each month at 1PM ET.  One registration is all it takes to provide the most reliable business information and CE credits for your entire staff.  If you miss a Webinar, AOPA will send you a recording and quiz for CE credits, so you can still take advantage of the series discount and the valuable learning opportunities. Instructions for accessing the CE credit quiz can be found here.

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2020 Monthly Webinars

January 8Modifiers: Enhance Your Claims Two Letters at a Time
Learn about modifiers, how they affect your claims, and how and when they should be used. Some questions that will be addressed during the webinar include:
•What is the difference between the RA & RB modifier?
•Which modifier allows you to provide services to a patient under hospice care?
•What is the true meaning of the CG modifier?
•What modifiers are used for upgraded and deluxe features?
February 12O&P Coding & Billing Myths: The Truth is Out There
You’ve heard them before…Medicare doesn’t pay for ’99 codes, Bi-lateral patients don’t require K-levels, Payment rules don’t apply to unassigned claims. This webinar will explore some of the common O&P billing myths and provide you with all the facts.
March 11New Technical Credits- Clinician’s Corner: Orthotics
Join us for the first installment of our new Clinician’s Corner. Learn about the newest techniques in orthotics or how to best treat your patients; bonus earn some scientific credits. Clinician’s Corner will be presented by one of AOPA’s many honored National Assembly presenters.
April 8A Policy Review: LSO/TLSO
This one-hour webinar will provide you with an in-depth review of the LSO/TLSO policy and certain portions of the Standard Documentation Article. It will help answer the following questions and more:
•When is PDAC approval required?
•When to bill the hospital/SNF billing for LSOs and TLSOs?
•What type of documentation and ICD-10 codes required for coverage?
May 13Social Media Mayday: Increase Your Footprint
Are you getting the best return from social media? This webinar will provide you with tips and resources on which properties are best for your business and how you can better use them to reach your patients, your payers, your referral sources, and your community. Make sure you are putting your best digital foot forward!
June 10New Technical Credits- Clinician’s Corner: Prosthetics
Join us for the second installment of our new Clinician’s Corner and learn about the newest techniques in prosthetics or how to best treat your patients; and earn some scientific credits. Clinician’s Corner will be presented by one of AOPA’s many honored National Assembly presenters.
July 8The ABCs of Appeals: Know the Players and Get the Tips
DME MAC, QIC, ALJ, etc. Learn the ins-and-outs of the five levels of the Medicare appeals process, including what type of claims can and cannot be appealed. You’ll find out the best way to craft a successful agreement to ensure success in your appeal.
August 12Contracting 101: Understanding the Basics
What can you do to make sure that the contract is beneficial to you? During this webinar, learn the basic steps in locating and negotiating contracts with payers.
September 2Outside the Norms: Outliers and Situations Where the Rules are Different
Everyone assumes they know the rules, but what about those special instances when the common rules don’t apply. When is your date service, not the same as your date of delivery? When is your place of service not the home (12)? Get the answers to these questions and more.
October 14New Technical Credits- Clinician’s Corner: Fitters and Techs
Join us for the last installment of our new Clinician’s Corner of 2020. Learn about the newest tips and techniques for fitters and/or technicians or learn how to best treat your patients; and earn some scientific credits. Clinician’s Corner will be presented by one of AOPA’s many honored National Assembly presenters.
November 11RAC Audits: What Are They Looking At?
This webinar will examine the rules governing the RAC program, the different type of audits they may conduct, and what areas they are currently auditing. Learn about these issues and how you may avoid potential RAC audits.
December 9New Year: New Codes, Fees, and Updates
Don’t miss the most anticipated webinars of each year. AOPA’s coding and billing experts will provide you with an up-to-date analysis and interpretation of the newest HCPCS codes and changes for the upcoming year. The webinar will also include a recap of 2020 Medicare changes and updates to except in 2021.

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