2020 Virtual National Assembly CEs


The 2020 AOPA Virtual Assembly to be held September 9-12 Live and On-Demand until October 12, 2020 has been awarded up to 115 continuing education (CE) credits by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics (ABC) and a total of 117.25 CE Credits by the Board of Certification/ Accreditation (BOC).  Generally, one credit is awarded per session hour. Specific rules apply to specific disciplines.  Category I will be awarded based on scope of practice of each discipline. Category II will otherwise be granted.

AOPA will be tracking all credits electronically during the Virtual Assembly Experience. Full-conference registrants will receive a certificate of attendance post-show.

Breakdown and Description by Day

Show Dates Daily CE Total Credits

Total Credits (With On Demand through Oct 12)

Tuesday, 9/8/2020 – Pre-show Workshops 4 4 6.5 6.5
Wednesday, 9/9/2020 – Concurrent Manufacturers’ Workshops 8 8 47 47
Thursday, 9/10/2020 – General Session & Concurrent Education 4.5 4.5 14.25 14.25
Friday,  9/11/2020 General Session & Concurrent Education 4.75 4.75 18 18
Saturday, 9/12/2020 – General Session & Concurrent Education 7 7 16.5 16.5
Exhibit Hall 3 5 3 5
Totals 31.25 33.25 105.25 107.25


In 2019 ABC changed the credit allocation requirements of category I and category II CE credits.  Each discipline can now earn up to 50% category II credits instead of just 25% of their overall total CE credit requirements.  So in the case of pedorthists attending the Virtual Experience, you can earn close to all of the category I CE credits for your entire 5 year cycle if you attend all sessions related to your credential and still get credit for an additional 25 hours of category II (science or business) because a CPed now needs 50 credits in 5 years.  Of these 50, all can be category I science, but at least 25 must be Category I.  No more than 25 can be category II.

Day, Date

Title and session #

Total Pedorthic Category I CE Credits Available

Tuesday, September 8 Pre-show Orthotic Workshop — Muscle Tone and Hypertonous Assessment and Relevance to Ankle-Foot Orthotic Management (C1) 4.0
Wednesday, September 9 Lower-Limb Factors Associated with Balance and Falls in Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Clinical Synthesis (MWA-4) 2.0
Wednesday, September 9 OWLS Wound Care by the Numbers (MWC-2) 2.0
Wednesday, September 9 Management of Complex Pathological Gait with an Innovative AFO Approach (MWC-5) 2.0
Wednesday, September 9 Not Just for Kids: Surestep’s Adult Solutions to Improve Balance and Reduce the Risk of Falls (MWD-6) 1.0
Thursday, September 10 Understanding the Wound Healing Continuum and It’s Considerations in Returning Quality of Life with O&P (C4) 1.0
Thursday, September 10 Pedorthic Education—Preparing to Care for the Geriatric Patient (C7) 1.0
Thursday, September 10 Why Do They Act That Way? Relating to Baby Boomers (C10-A)

Medicare Update for Pedorthists (C10-B)

Friday, September 11 Symposium: Fall Prevention (C11) 1.5
Friday, September 11 SYMPOSIUM: Navigating O&P Education and Practice as a Minority Individual (C14) 1.5
Friday, September 11 Safely Addressing Limb Length Discrepancies (C15-A)
Arthritis in All of Its Forms (C15-B)
Friday, September 11 Lower Limb Orthotics: Bracing for Improved Mobility—A Free Paper Session (C17) 1.5
Saturday, September 12 SYMPOSIUM: The Teamwork of ACPOC: Promoting Collaboration and Comprehensive Care of Children with Musculoskeletal Differences (C19) 1.0
Saturday, September 12 Pedorthic Education – The Big Picture: How Comorbidities in Your Elderly Patients Impact Your Treatment Plan (C20) 1.0
Saturday, September 12 Pedorthic Education (C24)
Staying Healthy as You Age