COVID-19 Update: Guidance for Manufacturers on Operation During State or Local Restrictions Related to COVID-19

We have an update to yesterday’s “Guidance on Operation of O&P Businesses During State or Local Restrictions Related to COVID-19” specific to our O&P manufacturer members. AOPA has reviewed the current state and local orders and, as a general rule, there are specific exemptions that classify companies that manufacture medical devices as “essential” and therefore they are exempt from any restrictions on operating related to COVID-19.

For previous COVID-19 related guidance and resources visit AOPA’s COVID-19 Responses and Resources webpage.  

To see how other members are responding, visit the Member to Member resources on the AOPA Co-OP. We encourage all to share responses, guidelines, and resources via the Co-OP or by email to   Questions? Contact Joe McTernan at or Devon Bernard at