Jurisdiction D Reports Results of Widespread Pre-Payment Review for Spinal Orthoses

Noridian Healthcare Services, the Jurisdiction D DME MAC contractor has released the results from pre-payment reviews of claims for spinal; orthoses described by codes L0631 and L0637.  For claims reviewed during the first quarter of 3013, the error rate for L0631 was 83% and the error rate for L0637 was 82%.  In both cases, approximately […]

Jurisdiction D DME MAC Releases Pre-Payment Review Results

Noridian Administrative Services, LLC, the Jurisdiction D DME MAC has recently released results of two ongoing widespread pre-payment reviews; one for diabetic shoes described by A5500 and the other for AFOs described by codes L4360, L1960, and L1970.  All reported results involve claims that were reviewed between December, 2012 and March 2013. For diabetic shoes […]