Act Today To Preserve The Heritage of the O&P Profession

If you’ve had trouble getting through to AOPA staff it is because our phones have been ringing off the hook since we filed suit against Medicare. Members & Non-members have been asking, “How can I help?”

Here’s how:

Make donation to the AOPA Litigation and Research Fund

Filing suit against the Medicare program is expensive; AOPA expects to spend up to $500,000 in legal fees and that is assuming no appeals! Bottom line, two key end points of this litigation are: (a) it holds the prospect to improve the financial status and viability of every O&P patient care practice and every manufacturer who has also been suffering the impact of the cash flow killing impact of audits; AND (b) win or lose, i.e., even if your trade association (AOPA) wins, it will have to spend a sizable amount of funds from AOPA’s reserves to pay the legal tab.

We are asking everyone in the O&P field to make an investment in the future viability of your business by helping to strengthen AOPA so it can fight similar fights in the future. These fights will require facts based on careful and compelling research.  AOPA’s Board has established a new AOPA Litigation and Research Fund. Obviously, any person or company in the field can make a direct special assessment contribution to this Fund to help offset litigation costs. But AOPA’s Board has established the following support guidelines:

AOPA members as well as non-members will be receiving a letter with a requested invoice for a special assessment to the Fund to protect the future of your business and your patients—in every case companies can meet the requested support in either of two ways:

  1. Every patient care facility will receive an invoice for a special assessment contribution in an amount equal to $100 for each patient care facility that we are aware of that is owned by the company (regardless of whether those facilities are or are not already AOPA members). Likewise, every supplier facility will receive an invoice for a special assessment contribution depending on its annual sales, ranging from $250 to $2000.


  1. Companies that participate in the AOPA Member Get a Member Program in recruiting a new AOPA member who specifically identify another firm as responsible for convincing them to join AOPA will receive a credit against the invoice of up to $100 for each new member who joins AOPA under the Member Get a Member Program.

Your SPECIAL Recognition 

Significant recognition will be given to those individuals and corporate partners who support the profession and ensure the continuation of the O&P Heritage.

The Heritage Club plaque will honor those who treasure the profession and want to ensure its future. The Heritage Club plaque will be permanently displayed at AOPA headquarters and become part of the Association’s 95+year history. The Heritage Club plaque will be displayed annually as part of the AOPA Membership meeting and members of the Heritage Club will be honored with a ribbon to wear on their badge at the 2013 World Congress.

Won’t you support the O&P Heritage Club by choosing one of the following?

1)  Make a payment to the AOPA Litigation and Research Fund; or

2)  Forward to AOPA your payment of the attached invoice (and as appropriate netted out by $100 reduction as to any non-member colleague(s) who join(s) AOPA and identifies you as having been the one AOPA member responsible for recruiting them. Visit to refer a colleague.